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Home Insurance

As a homeowner, you face your share of rough weather throughout the year.

As a Maryland homeowner, you face your share of rough weather throughout the year. Homeowner’s insurance from Young Insurance Inc will protect your Maryland home against the threat of inclement weather, fire, theft, vandalism, and other natural disasters. By customizing your policy, you can obtain the essential coverage you need without paying for unnecessary “fluff.” Here are some of the most important aspects of home insurance coverage.


Dwelling insurance covers your home’s physical structure to include foundation, floors, walls, roof and attached patio or garage. A standard policy offers protection against fire, smoke damage, lightning, rain, hail, wind, theft, and vandalism. Ideally, you should insure your home with enough coverage to rebuild in the event of a total loss. We can help you determine the value of your property to make sure you get ample coverage to protect your investment.

Personal Property

This coverage protects your belongings in the event they’re damaged, stolen or lost in a disaster. Personal property insurance includes such items as your wardrobe, jewelry, electronics, furniture, artwork, heirlooms, appliances and more. You have a choice between actual cash value or replacement cost coverage.

Actual cash value coverage reimburses you for the value of your goods minus depreciation. In contrast, replacement cost coverage will cover the cost of replacing your goods, so you don’t have to spend any money out-of-pocket (after your deductible) to recuperate your losses.

Standard home insurance policies come with limits on personal property coverage. Pricey jewelry or other high-end goods may require extra coverage if the limits on your policy aren't enough to cover their loss.

Liability Protection

If a guest is injured or suffers property damage while visiting your home and you’re found at fault, you could be sued for damages. Liability insurance protects you against such lawsuits by paying for medical or property damage costs. In this way, liability coverage protects your personal assets.

For more information on home insurance coverage and costs, contact Steen Insurance today.

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