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Farm and Commercial Insurance

Protect your livilihood, with insurance customized for your specific needs.

If you own a farm or a business, farm or commercial insurance can be a lifesaver in protecting you against disasters that can cause financial loss. A customized insurance policy from Steen Insurance will protect your company against risks specific to your enterprise in your local area. Here are some basic facts you should know about farm and commercial insurance protection:

Property Insurance

Property insurance protects your business building, equipment, furniture and inventory against damage or loss due to fire, theft, vandalism or natural disaster. With actual cash value coverage, we’ll reimburse you for the value of your goods after depreciation. With replacement cost coverage, we’ll reimburse you for the cost of replacing your goods in a total loss, without taking off for depreciation. Crop and Livestock insurance is also available

General Liability

General liability insurance protects your business against injury or property damage claims from customers who have accidents on your business property. It also protects you against slander, libel, and false advertising. If you’re sued for damages, we’ll cover your legal costs and settlement, up to the limits of your policy.

Professional Liability

Professional liability coverage is for businesses that provide professional services such as accountants, lawyers, business consultants, etc. It protects you against claims of negligence in the services you provide, safeguarding your business assets from lawsuits.

Workers Comp

If you have employees, worker’s compensation insurance is required to protect your employees against injuries on the job. Workers comp covers medical costs, lost wages and partial or permanent disability so these costs don’t come from your business profits.

Business Interruption

A major disaster could cause your company to close temporarily until repairs are made. Business interruption helps cover business costs to include payroll, utility bills, and rent as well as the loss of income to keep you financially solvent until you can get back on your feet.

For customized farm and commercial coverage to protect your budding enterprise, contact an agent from Steen Insurance today.

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